What is a Sales Funnel?

What is a Sales Funnel?

Ok, look, every single business needs a sales funnel. I don’t care what business you’re in. I don’t care if you think you just do services or you’re a brick and mortar, you sell products, you need a sales funnel!

I’m Danielle Ford and I help entrepreneurs like you get more visibility in their business and today me and RosaBelle Ford are going to break down sales funnels for you.

To simplify: a sales funnel is an automated system that leads to a sale.

Now all sales funnels are not created equal.

What is a sales funnel?

Your sales funnel is one of the primary keys to your success online. See how to build yours quick and easy here.

There are small funnels, there are big funnels, and some funnels even lean a little to the left. But you know what they say, “It’s not the size of the funnel. it’s how you use it!”

Today we will talk about an average size funnel and what that entails. Now the point of a funnel is to create a sale, at least a sales funnel, right?

So, in an ideal world, everything that goes into the funnel would come out the end in the form of a sale. But that’s not really how it works.

What you wanna do is put as much traffic into your funnel as possible and as people go through your funnel, they start qualifying themselves and the ones that are perfect or ready for your products or services will end up buying from you.

So what you wanna do is drive a lot of traffic into your sales funnel.

The more targeted, the better, but you don’t want to be picky with this, you want to give anybody who is willing to learn from you an opportunity to enter your funnel. So the way that they get into your funnel could be tons of different ways.

Let me list a few.

Ok. We’ve got YouTube videos, paid advertising, there’s SEO like blogging, getting organic traffic on Google. There is social media, you know Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Live Streaming.

So anyway that you can get information in front of your audience for free or paid if you’re gonna use ads but I always suggest at least trying the free methods at first.

So next, after you have created a YouTube video, you’ve done a livestream, you have written a blog and got it ranked on Google, whatever content you’re giving to your target audience, next you want to give them something for free, a freebie, a way to get something cool from you in exchange for them entering their email address, ok?

And when they enter their email address, they’ve just become part of your funnel or inside of your funnel. So as you can see, they haven’t really entered the funnel yet. Now, there we go, anybody who decides to get your freebie is now part of your funnel.

After you’ve given them something for free, now this is where it can get tricky . . .

There are all sorts of cool offers that you can do. If you’re a brick and mortar business, you can give some sort of coupon or some sort of timely discount or deal or something to bring them into your store to buy something. You could offer and ebook, you could offer a guide, a checklist. If you are a fitness coach you could so some sort of meal plan maybe or a workout guide.

If you are a social media marketing expert, you could do some sort of free social media training like a webinar. If you are more of a service orientated, you could offer a free consultation, a free strategy session, any type of freebie that gives them value that’s going to introduce them to your product or service. So after they’ve said “Yes! I want the freebie!” then when they enter their email, it takes them to a thank you page and from there this is where your funnel can stay small or it could get really big.

You could use your thank you page to ask somebody to share your freebie with their friends or you could use your thank you page to ask somebody to buy something from you. So if you decide to use your thank you page to ask for a sale, try to keep it small so it’s an easy way for them to say yes to it and it’s an eay way for them to become your client and see what it’s like to do business with you on a very small scale.

But then if they say “Yes, I’d love to buy..” whatever you’re offering, if it’s maybe supplements, you could ask them to buy more supplements. If they’re going to buy a pass to come visit your fitness studio, maybe they could buy a package. If they’re going to buy a small ebook from you, maybe they want to get your course. So from there, from “buy”, you want to upsell them to something and from there, you could choose to upsell them even more. And by the time they’re done, they’ve made their way through your funnel, have purchased your product, purchased a service from you or taken whatever action you’ve asked them to do. And that’s basically how it works.

And the most important thing to remember with funnels . . .

is that they’re there because you’re offering a specific product or service to your ideal clients or customers or whoever it is needs your services.

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Just because 100 people enter your funnel doesn’t mean everyone’s going to make it all the way down. Some people might just get your freebie, some people might not even get your freebie. Some people might make it to the thank you page and they’re like “Bye!” Some people will purchase the first thing you offer, some people will purchase the second thing you offer, some people might even keep going.

And from there if you choose to, you can add another funnel under it. So that when somebody buys from you, obviously they need a specific thing, you can then put them into anther funnel that’s going to help them even more. Now this stuff can get very advanced. But if you’re just starting out and you’re like “I wanna do a sales funnel.” Do this one.

And if you have no idea where to get started, you don’t have the software, you understand the concept but you need some more training, and you want to be able to build a sales funnel, a membership site, add your products and services, send to your amazon store, send to shopify, or whatever you wanna do . . .

Then click here and watch this demo . . .