Web Copy Cat Review: Are you looking for an easy hands-off way to make money online?

Have you bought ebooks, courses, even coaching programs . . . researched the Web . . . or even tried to create your own products or promote affiliate products . . . But you just can’t get the results you want?

Are you a little short on time, but desperately want the money and freedom to change your life?

If any of that sounds like you, I think I have found what you need . . .

I discovered a brand new program that literally does everything for you …

It took me about 30-45 minutes to get into it, go through all the training and set-up … But now, I’m done!

Devon will build your online income for you.Devon Brown and his team are literally doing everything else for me.

I signed up for a Lifetime membership which actually costs less than a year of their monthly service … and the $90 set-up fee (where they set up all your campaigns both now and in the future for a one-time fee) is on sale for just $30!

Can you imagine someone setting up all your sales funnels, creating your products, setting up and maintaining your autoresponder, optimizing your offers, and handling all the product delivery and customer support from now onfor just $30?

Amazing, but true!!

And their products are not the run-of-the-mill ebooks and reports. … This is quality stuff including private High-Ticket products that pay you $300 to $1000 commissions per sale.

When I say private, I mean they are available on JVZoo, but you have to be a known BIG player (or a member of this service) to be allowed to promote them.

Can you see yourself earning $1000 commissions?Maybe you can’t see yourself selling a product where your commission is $1,000 . . . but these guys have done it many times over.

If you were ever seriously interested in owning your own business … or making money online … but you just don’t have the time or inclination to learn how and do it …

If your dream is a hands-off passive income where you literally don’t have to do anything once you set it up, this is your answer!

You’ve heard it before . . . The Money Is In The List . . . And now you don’t have to build your list!

Would you like to have 5,000 . . .  10,000 . . . 100,000 subscribers on your list where you can send out an offer once or twice a month and get 50, 100, or 1000 sales overnight?

Of course, they will be building your email list on your autoresponder . . . they only use Aweber, so you have to open an Aweber account if you don’t have one already … but you don’t have to do anything to set it up; that’s included for that $30 one-time fee I mentioned.

If you get the Lifetime upgrade, you will get . . .

  • 11 profit funnels immediately
  • 4 High-Ticket funnels
  • A High-Ticket Phone Sales funnel that uses a webinar to make you $150 to $1,000 commission per sale!

You can promote all these yourself if you wish (they show you how), but Devon’s team will automatically promote all these for you as well!

Once you have your list, you can promote anything you want (in addition to what they will promote for you). Or you can just sit back, and let them do all the work for you.

Sit back and relax while they build your income for you.

I’m not going to get into all the details here; I’ll let Devon tell you all about it …

But in a nutshell, Devon is a very successful online entrepreneur, and he created a program called, Web Copy Cat. You might guess from the title, it lets you copy his exact system that made him successful … except Devon and his team will copy their system for you.

It will be your business, your email list, on your autoresponder account, but Devon will build the entire system and get sales for you.

Why would they do that?You might be wondering why they would set up everything for you and continue to do all this work for a one-time fee . . .

And the first answer is they don’t!

See, I’ve arranged a $1 Trial Offer for you … which includes the $30 sales price for the one-time fee to set everything up … But then it costs about $35 per month . . .

. . . unless you get the Lifetime upgrade which I highly recommend.

But even if you prefer to pay the monthly fee, do you think it’s worth $1.17 per day . . .  less than the cost to take your family to Friendly’s or Bob Evans once a month . . . to have someone else create an ever-growing stream of income for you . . . especially considering you could easily get a few High-Ticket sales per month?

Think about it this way …

Let’s assume you did this for one year and got 10,000 highly-qualified people on your list. Then you send out an offer and just 1% of your subscribers buy every product offer you send out. 1% of 10,000 subscribers is 100 sales.

Let’s not even think about getting $150 to $1000 commissions on the high-ticket sales . . . What would 100 sales per month at $10, $20, or $30 commissions do for you?

How much is that worth? … Would that be worth investing $1.17 a day?

The second reason these guys are willing to make you successful is they will be your partners … not by the legal definition, but in practice.

They will get 50% commission for each sale they make, and you will get 50% commission as well. This only applies for stuff they promote and sell for you. If you promote anything to your list, you keep 100% of your commission.

So if you create and sell your own products or Private Label Rights (PLR) products, for example, you will keep 100% of the sale.

If you promote an affiliate product paying a 75% commission, you get 75% of the sale.

Do you think that’s fair? …

Do you think Devon and his team should get half the revenue of stuff they create and sell for you?

I do … and here’s why … If they generate $10,000 in commissions, they get $5,000 and so do you. If they generate  $20,000 in commissions, they get $10,000 and so do you.

You are doing nothing (except perhaps generating or buying traffic), and they are doing all the work!

By the way, they show you how to get free traffic and they offer you top-quality paid traffic as well.

They invest their time, and they pay their people to work.

If you got 100% of the commissions, why would they invest their time and effort? …

For a whopping $35 per month? … I don’t think so!

They can’t even pay their people with $35 per month … especially if you get the lifetime upgrade and only pay once.

No! … You want them to get half, because that motivates them to maximize your income!

And remember, if they build you a list of 10,000 quality buyers and you send out an offer once or twice a month, you keep all the commission.

You already know any business you create is going to cost you time and money. With this one, you know exactly what it will cost you, and you won’t have to put any time into it once you invest your first 30 to 45 minutes.

In less than an hour, your business could be on autopilot.One hour from now you could be relaxing in your recliner watching Bay Watch, Harry Potter, or Star Wars knowing a team of experts are building your income for you …

If you are short on cash, this is the program that’s actually worth skipping a few meals out or Starbucks latte’s … or even borrowing on your credit card … to get into.

Join for $1, pay the $30 one-time set-up fee (while it’s still $60 off!), get your Aweber account, upgrade to the Lifetime membership, pick a traffic package if you want (recommended), and you’re done!

Let's cruise to wealth together...You will see from the testimonials, these guys know what they’re doing, and they’ve done it many times before. I just got in with them, so I can’t relay the results for me yet, but I would like to invite you to enjoy the ride to wealth with me.

Would you like to sit back and watch Devon’s team build both our incomes?

Here’s what I would like to do for you … As I see results with this program, I’m going to send out status updates every 2-4 weeks to my 6-Figure Income subscribers. I will send out occasional updates to all my subscribers, but if you would like to see it every step of the way . . .

You need to join my 6-Figure Income list.

Click here and get the 6-Figure Blueprint free.My 6-Figure Blueprint reveals what it takes to build a 6-Figure Income online.
You’ll get it free when you join my list.

As a free subscriber, you will also learn about 6 one-year development programs for making money online. The 6 programs are listed here (you can click each link to learn more):

  1. Affiliate Marketing Strategies
  2. Internet Marketing Academy
  3. List Builders Academy
  4. Make Money Online Academy
  5. PLR Profits Coaching Club
  6. Monthly Traffic Coaching Program

If you decide to partner with Devon and join Web Copy Cat, the 6-Figure Blueprint will help you.

But if you decide to save money and join Devon’s program, Web Copy Cat, for life, I will give you any 2 of the 6-Figure development programs above Free!

That’s right . . . join Web Copy Cat for life, and I will give you your choice of any 2 of the programs listed above.

Each of these programs is 1 year long, and requires a monthly fee. If you choose the Traffic Coaching program (which is the most expensive and will definitely help your success with Web Copy Cat) and one other program, the total would cost you more than the Lifetime upgrade to Web Copy Cat.

But instead, you will get both for free . . . when you upgrade to Web Copy Cat for life.

So  join Web Copy Cat for $1 and get the Lifetime upgrade, and I will give you your choice of two 6-figure blueprint development programs for free.

All you have to do is sign up for $1 and upgrade to the Lifetime membership. Then send your receipt for the Web Copy Cat Lifetime upgrade to me. Include in the email which 2 development programs you want, and I’ll set it up so you get them free.

Does that sound fair?

I really want this success for you …

Do you want a completely automatic online income?

I’m convinced Devon and his team can do it for you. He’s done it many times before, and you don’t have to do anything. How can it fail?

You don’t have to spend any time learning, designing ads, buying advertising, setting up free traffic, creating products, building your list, collecting payments, responding to customer questions or issues … you do nothing, Nada, ZIP!

You can do more … if you want … but you don’t have to do anything!

This is the best handsoff system I’ve ever seen, and I want you to have it.

Here Is Exactly What You Need To Do Now:

1. Click here and enter your name and email to get your free 6-Figure Blueprint and all my status updates.

2. Once you enter your name and email, click “Submit”, and it will automatically take you to the $1 trial offer which includes the one-time $30 set-up special.

3. Enter your email on the $1 Trial page, and then watch the free video.

4. Go through the steps to set everything up, and sign up for the Web Copy Cat Lifetime upgrade.

5. Finally, send your receipt for the Lifetime upgrade to me at rbryanstoker@gmail.com; in the email, tell me which 2 development programs you want, and put “WCC LIFETIME BONUS” in the subject so I can quickly see it when I check my email.

If you do this now and send me your lifetime upgrade receipt within the next 48 hours, then I will also give you the full audio/video version of these 2 courses free as well:

Don’t miss this opportunity!

I promise you won’t find a better chance to make money online this easy!

Click here ==> Get your Free 6-Figure Blueprint and join Web Copy Cat, and let’s enjoy the ride together!

If you are already a 6-Figure Blueprint subscriber (or don’t want your free 6-figure blueprint) . . .
You can click here to join Web Copy Cat for $1 now!

Wishing you wealth & prosperity,
Dr. Bryan Stoker

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