Video Firestorm

Video Firestorm:  Want a quick way to create videos from your articles and load them onto the major video sites?

Webfire’s Video Firestorm program let you do exactly that.

Video Firestorm by Webfire turn your articles into videos

As explained on the Webfire Review page, increasing your site’s page rank is the best way to get free traffic to your web pages. When you rank on page one of the major search engines for keywords that lots of people use to find what they want, you will get lots of free traffic … month after month.

To rank high, you need good content, a properly structured web page, lots of links to your site … and traffic!

The quickest, easiest way to get all this is with the Webfire Internet Marketing software system …

And the “Video Firestorm” tool is one of Webfire’s many tools to get you traffic, links, and a high ranking on the search engines.

Video Firestorm lets you take the text of an article and create a video that displays the text and reads it using either a male or female voice. You can select one of their provided backgrounds or use your own, and the background can be different for each page if you wish.

Once you create the video, Video Firestorm will automatically post it to YouTube, DailyMotion, and/or BlipTV using your credentials. These sites are used, because of their high value links and popularity from a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) perspective.You just load in your name and password for each site and save it; then you don’t have to enter your credentials again. When you create a new video, just tell the software to submit it, and you’re done.

Submitting your videos is a quick way to get exposure and free traffic from the video sites. Plus, the links help you boost your page rank for your web pages. When you set up your video for submission, you specify your title, keywords, and description using the keywords people will search in the video sites. That pre-qualifies your viewers to be interested in what your video has to say.

Once you have submitted your videos, you can log in and add your links to your web pages, and you can get the “embed” code to put your video on you web pages which further helps boost the page rank of your web page(s).

When you create a video with Video Firestorm, you can choose to create one of three types of videos:

  1. Text to speech: This option creates a video from your written article.
  2. Record your own audio:  This option converts your text to a video where you can then use your own voice for the audio. This option also lets you say more than is written on the slides.
  3. Upload a video you already created so you can use the software to automatically submit it to the video sites for you.

After you select the option you want, enter the title, description, and keyword list for which your video will be searched on the video sites. Then paste your article content into the “Video Content” field. Text entered in the “video content” page will be the script for your video. Enter as much as you wish. Each line return will start a new video page, and you can click the button to inject a pause as the text-to-speech algorithm speaks your article.

The rest of the steps for creating a video are really simple:

  • Select a background & font color.
  • Click “Create Video”
  • You can edit slides, update text, replace with your own background image. You can also record additional audio per slide.
  • If don’t record audio, it simply reads your text.
  • Pick the voice that reads your text (i.e., male or female).
  • Check the sites to which you want uploaded. Save your credentials (username & password) for future use.
  • Save the video.
  • Then submit it.

Here is a video illustrating how to create a Video Firestorm video:

The more video articles you create, the more traffic and links to your site you will get. And the more traffic and links you get, the better your web pages will rank … and the more free traffic you will get. Use Video Firestorm for all your articles and blog posts. You can even create a video for part of your article and use curiosity to get more traffic to see the full article on your site. You can learn more about the rest of the Webfire arsenal of Internet marketing tools here.