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    List building is the most effective way to make money, build your brand name, serve customers and potential customers, and maintain a relationship with thousands of prospects on the Internet.

    Of course, there are different ways to build your list … For example, you can build a list of email subscribers, or you can build a list of followers on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media. And you can use social media to build your email list.

    You can also have a following on your blog or forum, but there are advantages to having the ability to reach out to your list with a quick email rather than relying on them to keep coming back to your blog or forum.

    This article focuses on the Top 10 ways to build a list is the context of email marketing. 

    I will cover how to build your list in the form of followers on social media in future articles.

    Before we reveal the top 10 list builder techniques, we should explore what Top 10 means. If money is really tight, Top 10 could mean the most effective free methods. Top 10 could also mean the fastest, most targeted, most responsive (i.e., converts to sales), or easiest to implement.

    In this article, I am going to define Top 10 as a combination of the most effective, reliable techniques anyone can use with a good likelihood of converting to profits. This means effective, reliable free techniques may be included, but it does not exclude paid and hybrid techniques that work to generate leads likely to convert to sales. opt-in, or whatever action you want your visitors to take.

    You can get over 100 free list builder techniques here.

    This article presents the selected Top 10 list building techniques. You can learn more about the important reasons why you should be building your list here.