Tips For Saving Money While Retiring In Luxury


Tips For Saving Money In Retirement:  How To Retire In Ultimate Luxury For $20,000 Per Year For Everything

Wouldn’t you love to get all your housing, food, clothing, medical, entertainment, and more for just $20,000 per year . . . or less?

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Don’t worry about retirement – Retire in Luxury Instead

Are you concerned about having enough money when you retire?

Generally, the financial planners will tell you that you need 80% or more of you final income before retiring to retire with the same lifestyle. If you don’t have that much income or savings, you only three basic options. You can save more, spend less, or work longer.

All of these are actually good advice, but there is actually a fourth option they frequently don’t mention . . . and option four actually comes in two flavors.

Tips For Saving Money When You Retire

Your fourth option Flavor #1 is to move to a lower cost-of-living area. When you pick your lower cost area, be sure you also factor in state and local tax rates too. If you currently live in a more expensive area . . . which typically means there are lots of good jobs available . . . moving to a location that costs 10 or 20% less, can make a huge difference in the amount of income you need during retirement.

You can visit or and look up places to retire to compare recommended areas and the relative cost-of-living in those areas.

However, Flavor #2 is an even more lucrative option is to retire outside the United States. Even if you only re-locate for part of the year, you can stretch your retirement income and assets much further.

If you don’t want to get too far away from the U.S. lifestyle, there are U.S. colonies of Americans living abroad in Mexico. You can live very comfortably there on $20,000 per year. You can also select from lots of other great, safe overseas locations for a much more exotic experience for a much lower cost-of-living.

Some of the better choices include Belize, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Nicaraqua, Panama, Argentina, Chile, France, Ireland, Italy, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

All of these can be exciting and adventurous creating memorable experiences, and if you connect this with the new fast-learning foreign language programs available for free, your retirement can be the most exciting adventure of your life!

Unfortunately, retiring abroad will not let you avoid U.S. income taxes if you keep your U.S. citizenship. And there are huge new taxes if want to expatriate, but I wouldn’t recommend giving up your U.S. citizenship anyway. If you go to Europe, you will also have to pay local sales taxes such as the Value Added Tax (VAT).

If you want to explore your options here, there are some great resources available. One is The Grown-Ups Guide To Running Away From Home Making A New Life Abroad by Rosanne Knor. Another good resource is International Living magazine.

This is one of the more important tips for saving money . . . Before you go, you should consider the exchange rate between the US dollar and the local currency. The relative value of the various currencies change all the time, but you might want to consider the historical ratio anyway.

Before you move, you should take a couple vacations in the areas you are considering for your retirement. In addition to the references above,,, are very useful websites for evaluating you options for retiring abroad. You can also hover over the “Budget” tab at LiveAndInvestOverseas to find the best places to live based on your monthly budget.

Finally, you should double-check the State Department website for their assessment of the countries and cities you are considering before you make any travel or re-location plans just so you know what’s going on there and if there are any travel advisories.

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