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Elon Musk’s Basic Economics

SpaceX Engine Test Bunker

Economics of Entrepreneuring Imagine a $2,000 car… or a $100 laptop… or a $70 iPhone… or imagine any product ten times cheaper than it was. Imagine the fundamental market change that would bring. Imagine the amount of demand there would be for that $2,000 car or $100 laptop or $70 iPhone. That’s what Elon Musk imagined 15 years ago when ...

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HELP! My Computer is Slow…: Learn how to detect what is causing your computer to become a snail (slow) (PC Technology Book 8)

This how-to guide will walk you through some computer techniques that will help you to determine what is making your computer slow, like a snail. Computers can be very difficult and costly when this happens. I will help you self diagnose your compute Price: Read More

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Windows 8 Black Screen of Death: Learn how to quickly fix this log-in error that leaves your Windows 8 computer at a black screen. (PC Technology Book 13)

This e-book will teach you what to do if your Windows 8 Operating System hangs at a black screen during log-in, I call this the Black Screen of Death. You will also learn how to fix this issue, so on rebooting your computer it does not happen again. Price: Read More

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For PC – Windows 10 Preview: Learn what is new in Windows 10 for your PC (Personal Computer) (PC Technology Book 16)

Windows 10 is scheduled to be released in mid 2015. Learn what is new and how to receive a free upgrade for eligible Windows 7 or 8/8.1 Operating Systems (OS). Windows 10 will be running DirectX 12. This is a huge gaming and movie playing feature. Di Price: Read More

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For PC – Windows 8 Recovery Option: For PC – Learn how to recover your Windows 8 Operating System (OS) on your Personal Computer (PC). (PC Technology Book 15)

A must read for Windows 8 PC owners. Turning on your PC everyday is a must to stay in touch with work and friends. When the PC decides not to function correctly we become very stressed and frustrated. The Windows 8 recovery option is a good tool to u Price: Read More

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