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With the emergence of the Internet, many of the more traditional forms of marketing have expanded into an online equivalent ... with some fascinating twists.

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Tap the power of banner advertising, media buying,and automatic SEO page ranking your money pagesIn the offline world of marketing, advertising basically fell into two worlds: Brand Marketing and Direct Response Marketing.

  • Brand marketing seeks to create memory, affinity, and associations in the minds of the customers so they will naturally think of Brand X when they need or want a specific product or service. Brand marketing typically uses venues such as TV, Radio, and display advertising.
  • Direct response marketing measures the number of leads, inquiries, or sales from a specific ad. Typical direct response venues include classified ads, display advertising, informercial style articles,  and direct mail.

In both cases, there are free and paid advertisements available. These same designations apply online as well, but online, the concept of "paid" versus "free" advertising is a much bigger deal ... perhaps because the costs for online advertising are so much lower, it's easier for individuals and small companies to conduct business online.

Regardless of whether your primary interest is Brand versus Direct Response marketing ... or Paid versus Free advertising ... some forms of online marketing work better than others. For example, one of the best-performing Internet Marketing methods is email marketing.

With email marketing, you can provide useful information, last-minute announcements and offers, and announce new products of interest to your subscriber list ... once you have a subscriber list.

But how do you get email subscribers?

There are thousands of ways ... and most of them end in offering an incentive to join your list (e.g., a free report, coupons, an ebook, or the latest greatest information).

In both the online and offline worlds, one of the most effective ways to get in front of your audience ... whether you are trying to sell something, build brand awareness, or generate leads ... is display advertising. And on the Internet, "display advertising" is called Banner Advertising. 

Now, you may have heard banner advertising is dead due to "Banner Blindness" ... in other words, saying "people don't even see them anymore" is like saying "people don't see display ads in magazines ... or billboards on the highways due to road hypnosis" ... In fact, the following statistics from CMO.com illustrate banners and media buying are not dead.

  • Worldwide Real Time Bidding (RTB; Media Buying auction for banner ad space) totaled $1.4 Billion in 2011 and is forecasted to reach $13.9 Billion.
  • By 2016, RTB will comprise 27% of all U.S. Display ad spending.
  • Programmatic buying has grown by 20% in the last 6 months.

Clearly, businesses would not be investing all this money if people weren't clicking banners and making the advertisers money.

What is true, however, is people tend to not see banners according to placement. This is the same reason display ads in a magazine cost more on the front and back covers ... ads in the upper right-facing page cost more than the left page ... and bigger display ads cost more than small ones.

On a web page, the chart below shows the "Heat Map" of the most effective banner ad placement.

Media Buying Crossover - Banner Ad Placement Heatmap

This is important to know when you are ready to scale successful banner ads to huge profits with Media Buying.

Media Buying is simply buying large-scale, bulk placement of banner ads within a site or across thousands of sites at wholesale prices.   It is kind of like buying an MP3 player for $100 at Walmart (i.e., "retail") versus buying 10,000 MP3 players from the wholesaler for one dollar each. Your per unit cost is tiny, but you are spending $10,000 rather than $100.

So, I will show you my recommended Internet Marketing approach in a moment, but let me first ask you a question ...

Would you spend $20,000 per day on Media Buying banner ads when you knew you were going to make $100,000 of revenue per day?

And if you can't afford $20,000 per day now, would you invest $100 per day if you knew you would make $500 per day in sales?

Well, that is exactly what Media Buying is all about.

Maybe you have heard about Pay Per Click (PPC) ...

PPC is a highly-focused, extremely expensive form of media buying using classified ads instead of banner ads. It tends to work really well (although statistics indicate the effectiveness of PPC is also waning ... again, primarily due to "ad blindness"). However, it's gotten so expensive in most cases, only the big companies (typically those offering expensive services) can afford it.

Did you know ...

  • The most expensive keyword (in terms of bidding for PPC ad placement) on Google is currently "insurance", and it costs $55 per click.
  • The next 2 most expensive PPC keywords are "loans" and "mortgage" at $45 per click.
  • In the fourth quarter of 2014, the average Cost Per Click (CPC) on Google dropped 11% while it rose 6% on Bing. Considering the huge difference in the size of Google and Bing's PPC program, this is a significant indicator of declining interest in PPC advertising ... even though businesses make $2 for every $1 spent on PPC.

The above statistics were all obtained from Sitewit.com.

Furthermore, according to New Media Campaigns ...

  • 81% of visitors find their online destinations via search engines
  • Although PPC ads are 1.5 times more likely to convert, organic search engine listings (i.e., those obtained naturally by search engines crawling your web site) are 8.5 times more likely to be clicked than paid search engine listings (e.g., PPC ads).
  • Banging the numbers together reveals the organic search value is 5.66 times that of the paid search advertising.
  • PPC's real value is its speed and expansiveness.

Evidence of PPC ad blindness is visible in the approximated heat map drawn from monitoring cursor and eye movement for typical search engine pages. You can see the actual heat map by clicking on the rendition below.

Search Engine Visibility Heat Map

So with the high cost, increasing ineffectiveness of PPC, and the stronger trust in organic search, you really can't ignore the power of organic search engine ranking. Furthermore, there are many other types of media buying that offer the speed and scalability of PPC for MUCH lower cost. Thus, a combined strategy is best, but for the reasons presented above, I am not including PPC in my recommended strategy.

What About Free Advertising Online?

NOTE: In this context, "free advertising" is not referring to free organic search engine listings, but rather it refers to free classified ads, banner ad exchanges, article marketing, posting on blogs (guest posting and comments), forums, etc.

Certainly, making $500 per day with zero advertising cost is better than spending $100 to make $500 ... right?

Of course! Free is always better ... But the problem with free advertising online is it takes a long time to get ranked for free search engine organic traffic, and other forms of free advertising simply don't work very well.

Yes, email marketing is free, but you have to build your subscriber list first ... and that takes a long time ... unless you use my approach below ...

Plus, email marketing doesn't scale very well. You can certainly keep building your list, but when you find a great email that converts really well (i.e., makes a sale), you can't flip a switch and add a million more subscribers to your campaign. You can, of course, rent email lists, but that is "paid advertising", not free isn't it?

What if you could use low-cost paid advertising to test your banner ads very quickly (overnight for example) ... and simultaneously build your Search Engine ranking for you offer web pages (a.k.a, "money pages") at the same time?

That's what I'm going to show you here ...

How To Use Banner Ads & Media Buying For Lead Generation, Sales, And Search Engine Ranking

For this discussion, I'm going to presume you already have a product or service you want to promote. The video below discusses what to do if you don't, but for now, let's assume you do.

I will also assume you have banner ads designed and built already; again, the video below will help with that as well.

Given that you have ads and a sales page, our goals are as follows:

  1. Get potential customers to your sales page or lead generation page quickly, and
  2. Get your offer pages ranked so you get lots of free visitors too.

The Basic Media Buying Process Works Like This:

  1. First, determine your audience.
  2. Test your banner ads and determine your Click Through Rate (CTR)
  3. If you're CTR is good enough, continue to step 4; otherwise, modify your banner ads and test them again.
  4. Find a good media buying platform (i.e., the broker or site where you will place your ads) to reach your intended audience (where they are in the "buying" frame of mind).
  5. Run a small media buying campaign to test and verify the effectiveness of your ad and media buying platform. If the results are not great, return to step 4. If the results are strongly profitable (say at least 100% profit), continue to step 6.
  6. Ramp up (i.e., scale) your campaign to reach larger audiences and bigger profits.
  7. As your media buying campaign continues to succeed, you should continue rolling some of your profits back into scaling your campaign bigger and bigger. You should also continue performing Step 2 to test new ads against your best-performing banner ad (typically called your "control").

At the same time you are following the media buying process above, however, you can use the results of your media buying to get your sales pages ranked high in the search engines. This will get you loads of free traffic as well ... which of course, will dramatically improve your profits.

Remember the statistic quoted above ... 81% of visitors find what they want via Search Engines and they are 8.5 Times more likely to click on an organic listing (i.e., a natural, free listing) than an PPC ad.

Thus, you want to do the following at the same time you are doing the Media Buying process above.

Free Traffic Organic Listing Process:

  1. Set up 69+ Tier 1 links to your money page and
  2. Set up 30,000+ Tier 2 links to your Tier 1 links.

NOTE: Tier 1 links are links that point directly to your offer page. Tier 2 links are links that point to where you Tier 1 links are hosted. For example, if you posted an article with a link to your offer page, that's a Tier 1 link. If you then created links to that article, those would be Tier 2 links.

Fortunately, this is very easy to do, but you have to do it correctly.

The video below goes into this in much more detail, but the basic concept is to test your banner ads and tweak them until you are satisfied with the results ... And at the same time, invest about a half hour to set up your Search Engine ranking process for you money page (i.e., sales page) and let it run on autopilot.

Your media buying traffic to your money page will automatically help build your search engine rank if you set everything up correctly. At the highest level, search engine ranking is a function of content, links to your page, and traffic. So your media buying will set up the traffic for you.

Use banner ads & media buying for SEO page ranking

This process works really fast compared to traditional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques and methods such as article marketing, link building, Web 2.0 marketing, social bookmarking, posting on forums and blogs, etc.

Realistically, when you know what you're doing and why, you can set up your search engine ranking process in less than 15 minutes ... but even if you spent a whole hour, it beats traditional SEO hands down. And in the end, you have massive, completely-scalable media buying traffic and a tsunami of free traffic from the search engines automatically.

Now, click to watch the video below, and I will fill in a lot of the holes for you ...

If you are trying to build an online income large enough to actually make a difference in your life, you need the Media Buying Crossover program.

If you have an offline business you are trying to take to the web, I promise you ... you won't find a better method. Even if all you want is free advertising, this search engine ranking method is the only way to stay ahead of the constant barrage of competition for top listings on search engines. The barriers to entry are almost non-existent; anyone and everyone can ... and is ... building online businesses. If you want the "pot of gold" at the end of the Internet," this is the treasure map to get it.

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Your biggest loss will be your opportunity cost. If you come back in a month and pay $800 more, you may have lost $1000's in lost revenue from a single successful media buying ad campaign.

People are literally making millions per month with media buying!
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