How I Make $10K Monthly With CPA Marketing & Affiliate Marketing

How I Make Up to $10000 a Month with CPA Marketing & Affiliate Marketing through Email

Today I’m gonna show you how I make money doing cpa marketing and affiliate marketing by basically just sending out a couple emails a day to some qualified leads that are basically targeted around that niche.

Today we’re here to talk about the email and affiliate marketing combined in the CPA marketing and affiliate marketing combined.

Let's jump right in ...

Let’s jump right in …

We’re just gonna jump right in and show you how lucrative this can actually be if you know what you’re doing. So the first thing first we’re gonna do is find a niche or an offer to  target, and then we’re gonna find emails that surround that.

You can do this on Max Bounty. Max Bounty is one of my favorite CPA networks. Now you can do affiliate marketing or CPA marketing. It’s a similar mentality … similar approach. It just depends on how you approach the leads. Your conversion rates will be slightly different even though with affiliate marketing obviously …  your conversion rates are gonna be lower, but your profits are gonna be higher.

With CPA, your conversion rates are gonna be much higher, but clearly your profit is gonna be much lower,  So they balance out their different approaches, but they are basically similar in that aspect.

In this video, I’m gonna focus on CPA marketing.

Basically, what I do with CPA is to find and acquire targeted leads and then email them … and how I actually do that.

Now Max Bounty is something I’ll be using in this. You can use any affiliate network you wish. You can use Peerfly, Clickbank, Amazon, or whatever.

But I recommend Max Bounty to as your first CPA venture or Clickbank for affiliate marketing.

These are probably the easiest and best platforms out there.

Watch the video and then if you want to learn more bout CPA marketing, get this free report.

You should also learn how to turn your CPA marketing and affiliate efforts into monthly income with this video.


Discover How To build a "Profitable" emailing list

Discover How To build a Profitable email list