LinkedIn List Building?

The Wrong Way To Do List Building

How to Get Banned On LinkedIn

Don't do your <a href='' target='_blank' /><p class=list building on LinkedIn this way" width="300" height="203" srcset=" 300w, 400w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw, 300px" /> Don’t do your list building on LinkedIn this way

If you’re connecting with prospects on LinkedIn by selecting “friend,” “colleague,” “classmate” or “we’ve done business together” – but it’s not true – then you could be in trouble.

LinkedIn will ban you from making connection requests if you’re not accepted by prospects “often enough.” What does often enough mean? Only LinkedIn knows for sure.

But trying to game LinkedIn by getting connections you don’t already know is taking the risk that you will get banned, and it can take months to get back into LinkedIn’s good graces.

That’s one reason why you want to take a totally honest approach to connecting with people on LinkedIn, and here’s another: You don’t need those connections, anyway. At least not at first …

Think about it – you can ask for a connection immediately, just like most people on LinkedIn do. Odds are, even if you do get the connection, you’ll be forgotten almost immediately.

But if, instead, you give your prospects a reason to talk with you, such as solving a problem of theirs or helping them reach a goal, now you’ve got a real life connection. Get them curious on how you can help them, and they will be eager to connect with you. No need to try to fake your way in the door, they’ve just opened it and invited you in. Not only are your connections stronger – you’re also not at risk of getting banned, either.

Sneaky social marketing techniques (such as mis-using LinkedIn) are not the way to build your list. Here are some much better ways to do that. You can also pick up a free report on list building techniques by clicking here (or click here to read more about your list building report first).