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WebFire helped me not only to create fast traffic and sales, but also to build good strong traffic channels that keep driving traffic to my post even when I move on to my next post. They were honest about getting first page on Google using their tool for low and medium competition search terms. 

– Tom Martin –

I first came to know about this product through a well-known Internet marketing team and they gave it a good thumbs up because of the range of functionality that is built in. From the multi keyword tools including spying tools, domain, site, press, video, article, lead generation tools and many others, I found it offered the best tools for success in the Online marketing world… for me anyway.

– Ted Jacob –

  • Are you tired of using Google’s Keyword Planner & waiting months to get traffic? … 

The keyword tool in this software will give you dozens of keywords in any niche that get 1000’s of searches per month with zero competing websites. Just look for the “All Green”  keywords, and you can scream to page 1 (and even to position 1) on Google (or Bing or Yahoo)! … I’ll explain how in just a moment.

  • Use this tool for any niche, and get free traffic from page 1 of Google … in just 7 minutes!
  • Blast every update on your web sites across the Internet in seconds so you get indexed by the top search engines in minutes!
  • Run the site analyzer and discover exactly what you need to change or add to your web page(s) to increase page rank so you get more free traffic … everyday!

Did You Know That 93% Of All Online Experiences Start With A Search Engine?

… That’s 100 Billion global searches every month …

  • Google gets 67.6% of all U.S. searches (Bing & Yahoo get 18.7% and 10% respectively) (1)
  • 70% of all listings clicked are organic (i.e., Not paid ads), …
  • And the Top 3 listings get 35% of those clicks! 2

That means you have to increase page rank and get your web pages on page one if you want serious free traffic 

… and that’s highly targeted traffic too! … These people are actually looking to buy what you’re offering.

It will be raining money when you increase page rank with WebFireCan you imagine being showered with cash when you get your products, services, and affiliate offers on page 1?

Not some of them … All of them on page one!

What would happen if you got just 1 affiliate page ranked in the top 3 listings on Google

Let’s assume you pick just one “All Green” keyword that gets 10,000 “exact match” searches per month to your offer  … and let’s assume you make $20 per sale. Since these searches will be highly targeted, it’s not unreasonable to expect 2 to 5% of those visitors to buy your offer. That would put an extra $10,000 in your pocket … per monthwith zero advertising costs.

And that’s not even counting the “broad match” search traffic you will get which is usually at least 10 times the “exact match”  volume!

What if your profit was $50 per sale instead of $20? … That would put a cool $25,000 in your pocket every month! … Wouldn’t That be sweet?!

Explode your wallet with cash using WebFireYou could watch your wallet EPLODE with cash if you also create web pages or blog posts for a few more “All Green” keywords! … I’ll show you the best way to do this in a moment as well.

And if you don’t create your own web pages, that’s okay. This integrated system will automatically build optimized web pages for you!

And don’t forget with this software, you can promote anything and everything you want …

  • Increase page rank for your blog …
  • Get your offline company’s goods and services on page 1 …
  • Promote anything & everything with this single all-in-one integrated system …

… You don’t need anything else. 

As soon as I got my logon info, I started playing around with the program. I didn’t really know what I was doing but I had a crack anyway … I implemented the changes to my site and WOW, it worked. My stats are great! … Google is now referring along with Facebook. I’m happy! I was also able to get onto page 1 of google thanks to WebFire.The results speak for themselves, Webfire really does work!

– David Smith, Melbourne, Australia

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And this online marketing software uses all the latest Internet marketing techniques proven to increase page rank and flood your web pages with free traffic. As new Internet marketing techniques are identified and proven, the development team adds them to the system for free.

And you don’t even have to install the software; it’s 100% web-based. Just log into your account from anywhere in the world, and promote your next campaign.

You can stop buying new Internet marketing products and services and stop chasing new concepts that might work; this system already gives you the best tools and technique already proven to work.

And best of all, it works fast!

You can literally start getting page 1 traffic to any web page in minutes … 7 minutes or less.

But Why Stop With Just One Web Page?

You can get page 1 traffic in minutes to as many web pages as you like … and this is just one of the tools in this all-in-one Internet marketing software system.

Free Traffic from WebFire will put cash in your handsOnce you understand what you have in your hands, you can launch new campaigns faster than ever … and get every single web page on page 1 of the search engines.

Earlier, I gave you an example of getting one affiliate page on page 1  … $10,000 to $25,000 per month … What if you went crazy and created a dozen offers like this? … Suddenly a 6-Figure online income doesn’t seem so hard does it?

Now, This Internet Marketing Software Is Not Perfect … 

While it’s true you don’t have to install the software, you may have to clear your Java cache and be sure your Internet browser’s Java plug-in is set up correctly the first time you use it … and this system currently doesn’t work on Google Chrome (use Internet Explorer or Firefox instead) … but there’s an easy-to-follow video that shows how to clear the cache and set up your Java plug-in correctly. If you can follow step-by-step directions and click a few buttons, you won’t have any problems … assuming you have to bother with this at all.

Also, there’s a training video for each tool, and there are lots of tools. 

Get free traffic with this Internet marketing servicSo you should start with the first 3 recommended videos … and promote your first campaign as you go along. This way you will get immediate results and really learn each tool while you make money.

You might even get cash in your pocket before you finish the first 3 videos … I know I did!

How To Increase Page Rank & Get On Page 1 of Google Fast

Have you ever thought about why it’s so hard to get on page 1 of Google’s search results?

  • It’s not because your competition is too strong …
  • It’s not because your content isn’t good enough …
  • And it’s not because you don’t have enough links back to your site.

These are all factors, of course, but the real problem is you are not giving Google what it wants.

Google wants safe, valuable information that best answers the question for their customers …

Google wants what “Google’s customers” want. If your web page provides what Google’s customers want for your niche or topic, then you can get on page 1 of Google … and you might even get the #1 listing on page 1. And remember, 70% of all customers click on the organic listings (not the paid ads).

In a moment, I will show you how to increase page rank for each of your web pages … and how to get free traffic from page 1 in about 7 minutes … but first, let’s talk about Why you want to be on page 1 …

What did you do the last time you looked up something on a search engine?

Did you step through several pages trying to find the best match for what you wanted? Or did you pick what looked best on page 1? … I have to admit, I have gone through the first 5 to 10 pages in the past, but usually I start clicking on page 1 results to see if they match what I want.

As it turns out, that’s what most people do. 

75% of all searches on Google never click past page one (2) … and 35% of all customers click one of the first 3 listings.

But why do you care about that?

Why do you want to increase page rank?Let’s say you are selling something for $27 online … and let’s assume you used this powerful software tool to optimize your web page for an “All Green” keyword that gets 20,000 searches per month on Google (not counting Bing and Yahoo).

If you get two sales out of 100 visitors to your site (i.e., “2% conversion rate) and you increase page rank for your web page to get on page 1 of Google, your free traffic … and your potential income … skyrockets  to $10,800 per month! … But if you are stuck on page 2, your potential revenue drops to only $2,700 per month.

In other words … Get on page one and make 4 times as much money!

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Whether you are trying to make a sale, build a list of subscribers, recruit a downline, or just boost the popularity of your blog, you need to increase page rank and get your web pages on page one of the search engines. Here is how to do it …

The Easy Way To Get On Page 1 Of Google

Did you know it’s actually not hard to rank your web pages on page one?

In fact, it’s fairly easy if you know what you’re doing. There’s only 5 simple steps:

  1. Pick a niche with profit potential
  2. Pick the right keyword(s) for your niche
  3. Build your web pages to be “search engine friendly”
  4. Get some links to your web page from relevant sites to increase page rank
  5. Announce your web page to the Internet

Let’s discuss how to do each of these steps …

Step 1: Pick a niche with profit potential

Selecting a niche with profit potential really has nothing to do with increasing page rank, but it is the first step. And the niche you select will greatly affect your profit. You should pick a niche or product with lots of passionate buyers if you are looking to make money through sales. I’ll show you how to do that if you sign up for my free Internet Marketing Software mini course.

Remember, you don’t have to create your own products; you can make a ton of money with a good affiliate product and this software.

Step 2: Pick the right keyword(s) for your niche

Once you have selected your niche, you need to pick the best keywords for your campaign. You need to pick the single, best keyword for your web page, but you will need several “best keywords” if you want a strong position on page 1 of Google (i.e., in the Top 3 listings). All of these keywords should be either “Desperate Keywords” or “All Green” keywords.

“Desperate keywords” is my term for a keyword that indicates a passionate or desperate desire (or need) for someone who wants to buy a solution now! Finding desperate keywords and products that solve that problem is what this software tool is all about.

Other keywords that have good search volume and no “search engine friendly” competition are what I call “All Green” keywords … and there are 1000’s and 1000’s of them available. I haven’t seen a niche yet that didn’t have dozens of “All Green” keywords just waiting for someone to turn into their own personal ATM money machine.

“All Green” keywords and “Desperate” keywords are easy to rank on page 1 of the search engines.

All you have to do is build a “search engine friendly” web page based on these types of keywords using the “Fast Fire” tool in this integrated Internet marketing software, and you’ll get on page 1 of the search engines … fast!

All Green keywords have 100’s or 1000’s for “exact match” searches every month, and they usually have lot more eager people doing “broad match” searches … and they are really easy to find; I’ll show you how later. Desperate keywords are easy to find as well, but they usually don’t have as high a volume as the All Green keywords. However, Desperate keywords have a very high conversion rate.

Visitors you pick up with Desperate keywords aren’t “visitors”; they are “Buyers” … they want a solution NOW!

But you may be wondering … If you should only optimize your web page for one keyword, why do you need to pick more than one keyword?

Assume you pick 3 All Green keywords for your niche where each keyword gets 10,000 “exact match” searches per month. If you build your web page for one of those keywords, the best you could hope for is 10,000 visitors per month. But if you built another copy of your web page optimized for keyword #2, you could get up to 20,000 hits per month. This approach does work … but it doesn’t make the search engines all that happy.

A better approach is to optimize your “money page” for the Desperate or All Green keyword that best matches the purpose of your money page … and then build more “content” pages based on the other keywords you selected. Then link appropriately from these content pages to your money page.

This approach makes the search engines very happy! … And when the search engines are happy, you increase page rank, and you make more money!

SEO --> Free Traffic --> Make more money

This approach lets you rank each web page high, and this is how to increase page rank for your overall site as well. You can also use blog curation or outsource having articles written to save time and effort on these content pages. Furthermore, the search engines will be happier with you, because you are providing more useful information for their customers. And the better the search engines like you, the better your position will be on page 1 … the more free traffic you will get … and the more money you get.

Step 3: Build Your Web Pages To Be Search Engine Friendly

To make your web site search-engine friendly, you need to think about increasing page rank for each web page on your web site instead of trying to rank your entire web site. If you get each individual web page ranked well, your whole site will rank well. The reverse is not true.

Just because your site ranks well, does NOT mean every page will rank well.

To get each web page ranked well on the search engines, each page needs to provide safe, useful content, and it needs to be properly optimized so the search engines know what keyword (or key phrase) you are targeting. With desperate and all green keywords, you don’t have to go overboard; you just need to follow the “tried and true” on-page SEO concepts (presented below).

First, let’s talk about “safe and useful” content. “Safe and useful content” means the visitor walks away feeling good about your web page even if he (or she) didn’t buy anything. If your web site did something to your customer’s computer or compromised the User’s safety or confidence in any way, your site is NOT “safe” … and you will be penalized or banned by the search engines eventually. Don’t do it!

On the other hand, if your visitor was entertained or learned something, your web page was useful.

For example, do you feel you are learning something from this web page? …

Free traffic entertains me ...How do the search engines know if the visitor was entertained or informed?

They can tell by how long the visitor stayed on your web page, whether or not he interacted with your web page, and whether he clicked through to another page on your website. This is one of the reasons why images, videos, and informative or entertaining text are crucial to increase page rank for your web pages.

Here are some simple guidelines to make your web pages “search engine friendly”:

  1. Provide safe, useful content for a single “desperate” keyword or “all green” keyword.
  2. Include images with your target keyword in the “alt text” and caption
  3. Include an entertaining or informative video
  4. Include your keyword in the title, meta tags, and lightly sprinkled throughout your text
  5. Include your keyword in an H1, H2, & H3 tagged heading or sub-heading
  6. Bold at least one occurrence of your keyword in the text.
  7. Italicize at least one occurrence of your keyword in the text.

Step 4: Get some links to your web page from relevant sites in your niche to increase page rank

Step 4 is all about getting links from other web sites (in your niche) to your web page. Getting links to your web site is not good enough. You need links to each web page you want to rank.

These links are like votes telling the search engines they like your web page, but the links must be from a variety of relevant sites … preferably high-ranking sites. Fortunately, this is easy to do with this Internet marketing software. The first place to get relevant links to your “money page” is from your other content pages on your web site as mentioned earlier. The best way to create these links is by embedding them in your text as “context links”, but you can also put a link on the images in your content pages.

Make sure at least one content link sets the “anchor text” of the link to match the target keyword for your money page. “Anchor text” is the phrase the reader sees as he reads your text. For example, in this link for the Internet Marketing Strategies video course by online millionaire Russ Brunson, the anchor text is “Internet Marketing Strategies“, but the actual link behind the anchor text is

The reason to set the anchor text to the target keyword for your money page is it reinforces the focus of your page for the search engines. On the other hand, it’s good to have a variety of related anchor texts pointing to your money page as well. So don’t make them all match your target keyword exactly.

There are other really powerful ways to get relevant links to your site. For example, you can use our Internet marketing software to get links from article directories, guest posts or comments on blogs, forums, social media sites, etc. You can even get free links from the most popular videos on YouTube. The more links you get from relevant sites, the more free traffic you get, and the higher your page rank will be … although you won’t need nearly as many links to significantly increase page rank for your web pages based on All Green keywords.

Step 5: Announce Your Web Page To The Internet In Seconds

Announcing your web page to the Internet is a very simple step you should do for each web page as you complete it. You just need to notify key web sites around the Internet about your new web page so the search engines can find and rank you web site pages. With this Internet marketing software, you can announce your web pages in a few seconds … so you get indexed by the search engines in minutes.

Once you have completed all 5 steps, you are done.

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Let Webfire Internet marketing software stuff your pockets with cash!It’s time to starting stuffing cash in your pocket! You can simply wait as the search engines find your web page and increase page rank for each page in your web site. Of course, your web pages can fall in rankings over time as new competitors emerge, but you can avoid this by adding new links and new content to your site from time to time.

That’s really it … that’s how to increase page rank for each web page …

And your entire web site … and this integrated all-in-one Internet marketing software can help you with each of these crucial steps.

Most people spend weeks doing these 5 steps, but now you can do it in minutes!

Would you like to automatically stay up to date on the latest online marketing techniques proven to increase page rank and generate cash?

The biggest challenge with all this is knowing where to go, figuring out where to get relevant links, finding “all green” keywords, testing your site for search engine friendliness, and keeping it all straight.

But this amazing Internet marketing software makes all this easy.

  • You can find “All Green” keywords for any niche in a few minutes.
  • You can get links from relevant sites on page 1 of the major search engines in just 7 minutes.
  • You can test your site for competitiveness and ranking
  • And lots more!

This amazing software is called, “WebFire”, and it’s the #1 best way to increase page rank and get tons of free traffic to all your web pages. You can use WebFire to promote unlimited web pages … whether you are selling your own products and services or affiliate products … whether you are building an MLM downline or building a subscriber lists … even if you just want to build the popularity of your site … WebFire online marketing software makes it quick and easy.

WebFire is an online web-based service; you don’t download and install it. You just log in from anywhere in the world that has Internet access. Use WebFire from your laptop, your desktop, a tablet, the library, or your smartphone.

Click The Video Below & See WebFire In Action:

This is nothing short of awesome. I picked it up yesterday and worked on a friend’s site that is only a few months old. It is NOT an EMD. It wasn’t in the top 1000 sites for a super targeted keyword that we wanted, but today it is in the FRONT PAGE position 5 right behind four .gov sites that are 12 years old AND we got an article into the #8 position for that same KW….I look like a friggin’ superstar, and honestly I kinda feel like one…lol.

– Tom Martin –

I can say confidently that WebFire has the highest ROI of any investment in this Marketing Mix. 

I thought you would enjoy hearing that when Google Ads followed up with me this week, they agreed that I did not need AdWords, after seeing what you had been able to do.

– Bill Dermody –

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Free Traffic from Google Page 1 in Minutes


Here Is A Summary Of The Current Set Of WebFire Tools To Increase Page Rank For Everything You Want To Promote (3)


The swiss army knife of the Webfire tools! Multi Tool combines a number of our best tools into one that walks you through in an easy to follow manner. From a single article, you can choose to spin it, submit it to some of the best article directories out there, submit some as a guest blog post on other blogs, turn it into a video, submit the video to top video sites, and more all in one tool.

Video Tools

Video Firestorm

Turn your article into a video, create your own videos with built in cameras, and/or submit videos to video sites all at once! If you choose to turn an article into a video, it’ll automatically let you pick cool looking backgrounds to create powerpoint-type slides where you can even have human sounding text-to-speech audio (or your own). Don’t want to turn an article into a video? No problem, as you can create your own video on the fly as well. Then you can also use our built in video submitter to submit videos to the top video sites out there!  Learn more about Video Firestorm here.

Domain Tools

Expired Domain Finder

Find expired domain names that are already ranking for keywords in your market that you can snatch up for just the price of a new domain name (usually $7 to $10 / year). On top of that, you can also find expired domain names that are mentioned on live domain name sites that are ranked for your keyword(s) as well.  Once you find a domain name with Webfire’s Expired Domain Finder, you can check your expired domain name’s quality here. Learn more about Expired Domain Finder here.

Keyword Domain Finder

Find exact match keyword domains in your market in a matter of seconds! It’s a well known fact that exact match keyword domains are much easier to rank on page 1 of search engines for their keywords, but prior to this, it was incredibly hard to find them. Now, you can find exact match domains that could bring hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of monthly searches for your keywords per month in mere seconds.

Site Tools

Submit Your Site (Ping and RSS Tool)

Let the search engines and other top sites know that you have a new website or new content on your blog or site instantly by taking a few seconds to fill out this form and hit “submit”. We’ll then alert all the top sites for you. Doing this can greatly increase your chances of getting indexed and noticed faster, and thus increase your chances of ranking well too.

SEO Inferno

Easily check and create title tags, descriptions, image tags, etc. for your website(s). Title tags, descriptions, image tags, etc. all are very important factors in SEO and ranking in search engines for your targeted keywords, but they are often overlooked! This tool will help you quickly check and create such tags on the fly.

Auto Content Fire

Publish keyword-specific video and article content to your blogs!

Sitemap Manager

A sitemap is used by the search engines as an index of the pages on your site. With this tool you can generate a sitemap from your URL, and then install on your site right from WebFire! When you have made changes to your site, update your sitemap, and with just a few clicks install the updated sitemap on your site.

Site and Market Analysis

On-page and off-page analysis of your website’s SEO strategy. First we’ll look at your homepage and verify that your targeted keywords are setup properly in the critical SEO-related HTML tags, then we’ll look at off-page SEO metrics like links back to your site, competitors use of your keywords, and how prominent your keywords are in your target market. We’ll also suggest alternative keywords in your market that may be lucrative.

Site Analysis Expanded

In depth analysis of ‘on-page’ SEO settings for your entire website, looking for your list of keywords and verifying your sitemap. We’ll also scan your competitors site for their use of your keywords. Then we’ll provide suggestions to fix problems with your on-page SEO strategy.

Site Rank Tracker

Track your page rank by keyword, taking note of positive/negative trends in your rank will help you discover the SEO strategy that really works for your market.

Keyword Density

Find keyword combinations which appear in the text on your site, and then calculate the ‘density’, or percent of the total text for that keyword. The search engines recommend a keyword density between 1 – 4% for a keyword you are targeting.

Keyword Backlinks

Find backlink data by keyword for top search results. Having quality backlinks for your site is one of the cornerstones of good SEO, this tool will help you determine what you are up against for a given keyword.

Press Tools

Google News Release

Submit a press release about your business, website, etc. for us to review and include (if approved — we’ll inform you what to change if not approved) in our official Google approved Press Release site, which can get your press release featured at the top of Google and in their news section!

Media News Storm

Submit an important news story and we’ll include it in an approved list to thousands of top reporters, news stations, magazines, and other media outlets. If not approved by us, we’ll inform you of what to change. This is meant for news pieces that are less about advertising yourself (that’s what a normal press release is for) and more about general news in your market.

Article Tools

Article Spinner

Turn one article into dozens, hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of quality, unique articles that read as though an actual human wrote them (because using our technology, one essentially did!). Then use our submitter to submit them to the top article directories, or use them for your own purposes.

Article Submitter

Submit your article(s) to the top article directories to get extra exposure, traffic, backlinks, rankings, and more! And at the same time, increase your chances of others picking up your article and posting it on their site for you to get even more traffic and publicity. We submit your articles to only the top directories out there that help you instead of to hundreds or thousands of directories that are actually known to hurt your rankings at times!

Keyword Tools

Main Keyword Tool

Use this main keyword tool to turn one keyword into 100 related keywords that you can check to see how many searches a month they get, which ones might be hidden gems that we recommend you target, and more! This is where you get your “All Green” keywords.

Keyword Buyer

Use this keyword tool to enter in some keywords related to your niche / market and instantly have it spit out “buyer keywords,” or keywords that are more likely to be of people looking to buy such products / services or looking to buy at higher prices instead of freebie seekers. A great tool to target keywords that might get less traffic but higher quality traffic.

Keyword Review

Use this keyword tool to enter in product names and automatically get several “review keywords” spit out for you. You can then use these review keywords to find people looking for reviews or recommendations based on those products, which you can use to target in your own market, as an affiliate, and more! People searching for these kinds of keywords are also far more likely to be in a position where they’re ready to buy.

Keyword Versus

Use this keyword tool to enter a list of competing products or services and automatically spit out a list of keywords that people would search for when trying to decide between two or more competing products. This is a great way to target people about to buy and help them make up their minds. These can be great keywords to target on your website(s), especially if you’re an affiliate for the products.

Keyword Alternative

Use this tool to quickly type in different competing products to have it spit out a list of keywords that people might search for if trying to decide between the two. This is a great way to target people who are trying to decide between two or more products or services that they want to buy.

Keyword Custom

Use this keyword tool to get customized keyword lists if you want to develop your own formulas for creating larger keyword lists on the fly (recommended for more advanced users).

Local Keyword Finder

Use this keyword tool to generate keyword combinations, including local and state keywords.

Lead Tools

Macroleads Fire

Use this very powerful tool to find sites in your niche / market that rank at the top of Google, Yahoo, and Bing that also allow you to leave a post, comment, reply, or recommendation on. This is an incredibly powerful way to instantly gain free exposure, get top rankings in seconds, and get lots of traffic to your sites.


This powerful lead tool allows you to find all the relevant blog posts and forum threads in your market that you can leave a post or comment on (unlike with Macroleads Fire which only looks for those that rank for certain keywords, this tool will list all of them and even date them). You can even search for forum threads or blog posts that were made within a certain date range (even today!). This is a great way to gain extra exposure and more traffic by finding places where you can participate in the discussions related to your market.

Omnileads Alerts

This is the same as Omnileads, but it alerts you to new leads since the last time you logged into WebFire! A great way to stay up to date on blogs and forums that you can participate in the discussions on. Both are extremely powerful tools that you should use in your business.

Q&A Lead Firestorm

Easily get leads from Q&A sites like Yahoo Answers and Wiki Answers where you can leave an answer or comment. By taking just a few moments to respond to such questions, you gain valuable search engine rankings, find potential leads of clients, and more!

Guest Blogger Fire

Find sites that allow content syndication. Quickly grow your list off backlinks and presence on the web by posting your content on other sites.

Free Lead Finder

Find leads on Facebook, Twitter and Classified Sites.


Training Articles

We have an ever-growing list of article topics covering everything from the basics (what is SEO, what does backlink mean, etc.) to advanced online strategies (forum marketing, blog commenting, etc.) covered here. Sit back, grab a cup of your favorite beverage, and enjoy! View Articles

Article Vault

WebFire gives you an easy way to figure out what you need to write about, turning that same piece of content into an entire ARMY of articles which are then automatically spread all over the web.

View Articles

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  • Webinar #1 -Our first training webinar.
  • Webinar #2 – On Page and Off Page SEO + Video Marketing Tips.
  • Webinar #3 – How to Do Affiliate Marketing Using WebFire
  • Webinar #4 – Local Business Marketing Using WebFire
  • Webinar #5 – Advanced Online Promo Tricks
  • Webinar #6 – 2 Traffic Getting Methods and Top 5 Mistakes
  • Webinar #7 – Tips and Tricks for Doing Good Press Releases
  • Webinar #8 – Guest Blog Posting Tips and New Guest Blog WebFire Tool
  • Webinar #9 – The Ever Changing World of SEO and the Basics That Always Work
  • Webinar #10 – Case Studies with WebFire and How It Was Done
  • Webinar #11 – 3 Easy Money Making Methods Using WebFire
  • Webinar #12 – Secret SEO Tricks with WebFire
  • Webinar #13 – Live Website Analyses of WebFire Clients
  • Webinar #14 – 5 Traffic Getting Tricks with WebFire
  • Webinar #15 – Back to the Basics — Basic Strategies with WebFire to Get More Traffic, Rankings, and Customers
  • Webinar #16 – Webfire Training Webinar
  • Webinar #17 WebFire Training
  • UK July 2014 Workshop
  • UK 2014 Workshop PDF Collection – Advanced Training
  • Australia Workshop 2014
  • Keywords Talk:  This is a talk on how to pick the best keywords.
  • Traffic Basic SEO:  This is a talk on the basic fundamentals of SEO that will always work, as well as some cool tricks.
  • Traffic Tricks: This is a talk full of powerful traffic and money making tricks.
  • Blog Review: How to write a money making review on a blog.
  • How to get 2x to 10x or more with a few easy steps.
  • Increase Profits: How to increase the value and price point of anything you sell.
  • Content Writing
  • How to write content that gets ranked and makes sales.
  • Be an Internet Promotion Adviser
  • How to sell high end web services and products to others.
I have been searching for some time for the piece of software which could rapidly review any website and tell me what is needed to get it ranked on Google really fast. It took me by surprise when you presented WebFire as it is exactly what I have been looking for, not just a website analyzer, much more than that.

It put one of my clients on page one of Google in just a few minutes after he updated the site to what WebFire said needed doing. The very next day it took my site from page two of Google for Make Money from Home to the top of page one.

– Derek Kemp –

 I would have no hesitation in recommending “WebFire” to anyone who wants to move ahead with their websites, it is worth every penny and I will NOT be hitting the refund button.

– Bancroft Lopez –

Watch the video below if you want to see firsthand proof Webfire really works?

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3  Tools list and descriptions taken directly from the Webfire member’s area.

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