How To Rank YouTube Videos On YouTube and Google

Through this video I will show you how to rank youtube videos high in youtube and google with my 10 steps youtube seo formula.

How To Rank Videos On YouTube

How To Rank Videos On YouTube

First, I will show you how I ranked one of my YouTube videos for a very competitive keyword: cellulite treatment.

So guys I just uploaded a new video on youtube. I chose the term cellulite treatment. The video is on page 22, somewhere in the middle of the page. There are over 80,000 results for this term, it is very competitive but hopefully it will bring me lots of money once I am able to rank it.

So guys I am a few months after having uploaded this video on youtube so lets see how I am ranking. So, I will search the cellulite treatment term, and as you see my video is ranked no 2 on page 1 of youtube with over 30000 competitive videos.

Lets see how I am ranking in youtube for 2 term which are very expensive for google adwords. Best cellulite treatment, for which I am no 1, natural cellulite treatment, again I am no 3. For many keywords I am actually ranking. Here’s how I rank for a few other terms, like cellulite diet, for which I am the 4th video, on the 1st page of youtube, Cellulite remedy I am number 1, cellulite remedies, I am number 3, And I will go to google.

For the term cellulite treatment, to be honest with you, I am not on the 1st page of google, so I will not even show you, but I will show you how I am ranking for best cellulite treatment, as you see here I am on the 1st page of google, no 3, natural cellulite treatment I am actually the 2nd position on the 1st page of google, Cellulite removal, I am on 1st page of google first position, What I wanted t show you is that I rank high in google and youtube, not only for the term that I wanted to, but also for other very competitive terms, and in total this video alone gets at least 10000 exact monthly searches.

How to rank YouTube videos

My YouTube SEO system

So, here is my 10 Step Youtube SEO Ranking Formula to rank Youtube videos, no matter how competitive the keyword is and generates lots of sales for you!

Find your keywords! Always look for buyers keywords – with high search volumes, over 5000 monthly exact searches – one of the ways to see that a keyword is a buyer keyword, is that on the search there are lots of ads displayed, because this means they generate lots of commissions. This is very important because no matter the competition, if you take a good keyword and you are able to rank a video in youtube or google, you can make lots of money.

Find a product to promote! Head to Clickbank and look for products that matches your keyword. Look for products with high gravity and a great sales page! That means you will have more conversions and more money.

Create your video

Few aspects to have in mind:

– what are YOUR prospects fears and frustrations, wants and aspirations – how could your prospect see immediate results? This is very important as it may triple your commissions for the same traffic!

– another important aspect for your YouTube SEO formula is to use your keyword and LSI in the script. Optimize your channel for your keyword. Put your keyword and LSI keywords in: – name – channel url – description – tags.

Upload your video and optimize it for your keyword.

Put your keyword and LSI keywords in: – title, description, tag – raw file of the video, before you upload the video, the raw file of the video has to have the keyword as the name.

your description url; the url in the description you want to send people to, has to have your keyword in it

– your video’s thumbnail and captions have to have the keyword in it. These are very important steps which, if you do right can help you rank youtube videos in YouTube and google so much easier

6. Give social activity and proof to your video right from the beginning – lots of youtube video likes – lots of views with over 50% retention rate – lots of shares to Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin, Pinterest – subscribers to your channel.

7. Strengthen the power of your channel Studies have shown that a strong YouTube channel will always outrank a weak YouTube channel.

– A strong channel will help you rank your videos faster

– make your channel very active – get lots of backlinks to it – lots of subscribers

8. Get your video url in lots of YouTube playlists – this is huge, and can boost your ranking in just 2-3 days after having it done – optimize all playlist for your keywords – create them from different users, because if you get 20 playlist from one user, it is not that powerful as if you get 20 playlists from 5 users.

9. Get lots of embeds and backlinks from video sites – this is what will keep your videos high in Google and Youtube for the long run – bring you lots of commissions!

10. Which is in my opinion the most important step in our youtube seo strategy, is to get lots of quality backlinks to your video ! – Pinterest – Article directories – Ezine and Go Articles, because they have high PR, and google and youtube loves them – Blogs and Press Releases – get your backlinks done on autopilot will keep your rankings longterm!

If you want a much easier way to quickly rank your YouTube videos, here is how to do it.


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