how to make money with facebook fan page

Hello Friends , Very Good afternoon and a warmest welcome from me .

Hey Guys Today I am going to explain you that how to earn money from your Facebook fan page. That means if you have a Facebook fan page and if your page have thousands and Likes.

Depending upon this you can earn huge money. Do you know how? If Not, I am going to tell you in this video.

The first thing is you can make money with affiliate programs. So what is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program is a kind of marketing program which is offered by various websites and companies through which you need to place an advertisement link of their business on your facebook fan page and whenever some of your fans or visitors (or any other Facebook user) clicks on that advertisement, they get redirected to the affiliate sales page, and if the visitor buys from that website, the vendor will pay you a good commission.

Ok so this is called affiliate marketing . so many people are making huge amount of money by affiliate marketing.

So the best programs for affiliate marketing are amazon, hostgator, godaddy, etc. which you can use for your monetizing facebook fan pages. I will explain the details, but now let me tell you the other ways of making money on facebook.

The second method is by posting paid local advertisement on your fan pages. That means, if you will just keep a banner on your facebook fan page, then some of your visitors will convert to customers . The third method is by redirecting or sending visitors or traffic from your fan page to another website.

Suppose if you have your own website then you can send your visitors to that website by placing a link on your facebook fan page in front of every post.

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