How To Build An Email List – Simple Steps To Building A List From Scratch

Hey James Miller here. In this video I am going to share with you how to build and email list that can have thousands of people so stay tuned.

So you want to learn how to build an email list?

That is great … it is certainly better than the alternative right?

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So number one … you need to find a way to generate leads. Now this is when a lot of people get held up. They are usually like. You need to understand that there are so many ways you can do it through youtube, blogging, social media, craigslist ads … you can do paid ads, or general ads like the newspaper.

Whatever you want to do there is multiple ways but what you need to do is figure out something that you like and can become an expert in and generate leads in that way so that way you can ultimately build your email list.

Number two … so you know that you need to generate leads, well how do you actually generate leads?

I mean you can’t just post something on Facebook and think people are going to click on it right?  You need a call to action. I do not care what you are doing or what kind of marketing you are going to do to generate your leads and build your list; you need to give a call to action in it,

That way, you make sure as people go through your valuable content … at the end, when they are like heck ya I want to do that. So make sure you give a call to action

Number three on how to build an email list:

This is very key you need an opt in page (sometimes called a squeeze page).

Why is this so important? . . . Well because as people are clicking on your call to action, they will need to be sent to some place to become part of your email list.  Pretty simple right? So you send them to an opt-in page.

What is on this opt in page? Very simple once again.

You need an eye catching headline that is going to grab their attention and a place for them to provide their name and email.

Now a lot of people like to give things away to help encourage someone to opt in . . . Such as to receive a video. Or you can give away something free such as a free ebook, or a free mini video training series, or whatever you would like.

You just need to give them something that is going to provide them with some value. Give them a reason to provide their name and email address, because to the other person they are giving something away. So you need to do the same, and a great way to do that is through some type of free offer.

Those are the three things that you need to do to build an email list today!

Number one is you need to become an expert at driving traffic in one way.

Number two . . . you need to give a call to action, and number three . . .you need an opt in page.

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Now, all that said, you can skip all this driving traffic and trying to get people to join your list and go straight to getting subscribers every day.  Subscribers actually looking for what you are offering . . . using the Lead Science approach.


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