Expired Domain Finder

Expired Domain Finder: How To Get Free Traffic Instantly With Webfire’s Expired Domain Finder

Have you heard about getting free traffic by using an expired domain name (a.k.a., “aged domains”)?

Get instant free traffic with Expired Domain Finder by Webfire

Expired domain names are a powerful way to get free traffic instantly by leveraging previous efforts to get a domain name ranked in the search engines. Of course, many expired domain names cost $100’s to get in an auction environment, but with Webfire’s Expired Domain Finder, you can find little-known domain names and purchase the registration via your favorite registrar (e.g., NameCheap) for as little as $9 to $12 per year!

As explained on the Webfire Review page, increasing your site’s page rank is the best way to get free traffic to your web pages. When you rank on page one of the major search engines for keywords that lots of people use to find what they want, you will get lots of free traffic … month after month.

To rank high, you need good content, a properly structured web page, lots of links to your site … and traffic!

The quickest, easiest way to get all this is with the Webfire Internet Marketing software system …

And the “Expired Domain Finder” tool is one of Webfire’s many tools to get you traffic, links, and a high ranking on the search engines.

See, expired domain names will often already have backlinks pointing to them, page rank in at least one search engine, and traffic. Have you ever entered a web address in your browser and the page that shows up lists a number of topics, but it’s not the web page you thought you were getting? These are expired domain names that have been parked.

If you purchase one of these domain names in your niche, you will get all the traffic currently going to that domain name to your site. You can, of course, purchase the expired domain name and use it for you web site, but if you already have your domain name, you can use the expired domain with a “301 Re-direct” and still get all that traffic to your site.

In a moment, I will show you how to do a 301 Re-direct and how to check the quality of any expired domain names you are considering purchasing, but first, the hardest part is actually finding expired domain names. And that’s where Webfire’s Expired Domain Finder comes to the rescue!

Finding expired domain names … especially for a specific niche that don’t cost a fortune to purchase … is super difficult and tedious. But …

Using the Webfire Expired Domain Finder make it really easy.

All you have to do is enter a keyword for your niche and click the “Find Domains” button.

The software will do a fast search for related keywords and then it will spend 2 to 5 minutes searching the web for expired domain names that contain any of these keywords. It then lists the domain names it finds along with the page rank, the keyword for which it’s ranked, and the search engine on which it is ranked … for each domain name. The tool will also display a link for each domain name that reveals “why” the site is ranked on the search engine(s).

At this point, you could just pick the one you like the most (perhaps the one with the highest page rank) and purchase it on your favorite registrar, but you would be better served by using my free Expired Domain Name Checker to assess the quality of the domain name.

The “Expired Domain Name Checker” presents several websites you can visit to check the quality of the domain name including number of backlinks, domain authority, page authority, MOZ trust rank, history, and traffic estimate. It also shows you how to set up a 301 Re-direct on NameCheap.

In some cases, the Expired Domain Finder won’t be able to find an expired domain name for your keyword … it can’t control when they’re available … so in those cases, you can try again later or try another related keyword.

The video below shows an example of using the Expired Domain Finder to find domain names for a specific niche.

Finding a relevant expired domain name with existing links and traffic is a great way to leapfrog ahead to start making money or building the popularity of your website. The Expired Domain Finder is just one of the tools available in Webfire Internet Marketing Software. Click here and learn what else Webfire has to offer.