CPA Marketing Tutorial: Newbie Made $10,000 2nd Month

Want A CPA Marketing Tutorial?

What is going on guys? this Terry here I want to shoot this quick short video Just to cover my first my first two months in cpa marketing.

Me and my business partner we made ten thousand dollars. I just wanna show you know if your brand new something or your thinking about doing marketing. Or doing something with CPA Marketing. I cant tell you that will make ten thousand dollars. because I can’t say what we did was luck.

We put the time and effort and all the energy in learning, you know, what we need to do in order to make our funnel work . . .  what type of traffic to buy. We put a lot of time into learning, but we got started. Let me just so you know show you with your eyes so you can see this is me and my partner test account.

We test all the offers in and we found a offer that’s working and that was it, we just put work in we just click the button we start making money. Just kidding . . .  if you think that, you will never make money with cpa marketing there’s never magical software where you can push and start printing money If you haven’t figured that out, i don’t know what you know.

This is January just to show you that we didn’t do anything in January, because we didn’t have an account. we got a maxbounty account in February. Let me show you what we did in February guys. CPA Marketing is not hard. It’s worth it.

When you learn CPA marketing , its like you open up a lot of time in your life. Your going to make money but most of all you have time. you can set up a campaign and let it run if your campaign is profitable.

This is the first month we had a Maxbounty account. We did $2. We were super excited like this was some of the first affiliate money we made so we were obviously pretty happy because you know most people can’t make 100 bucks into their accounts. We put 200 bucks in so we were happy but let me show you the next month.

In March we did. sorry about that was my wife me and my business partner did. lemme see . . . we did three thousand hold on i thought March has 31 days we did four thousand dollars in march. Guys this is four thousand dollars that we got paid to our bank accounts this is not fake money this real money this is this is what you do me like yes you liked. Once do put a lot of time and effort into cpa.

It starts to pay off. We put a lot of time like 14 hour days every day but and you see it pays off this is able. I just want to show you these two months April 1 and April 30 run report.

We did $5,6 so we did ten thousand dollars in two months Like our first really two month in cpa marketing I can’t say everybody will do it, but me and my partner did it so if your interested in learning more on CPA marketing you can contact me on Facebook.

Find me on Instagram. I’m pretty sure to be here in description or you just can connect with me you know have any questions. Just let me know. Understand that this is possible. I’m not some genius. I’m not smarter than anyone.

There are a lot more people making more money than me. i haven’t been in the game long I’m just showing since the time have been game like what I’ve done so we know what type of traffic you need what type of offers to look for to make money online so if your interest in making money online.

I’m not going to say make money I mean run an online business. This is not just some things you do you try to do for one month or if it doesn’t work this is something your gonna do forever like make it an lifestyle. Don’t try amd don’t think about doing for two months or or even six months. If you want to do whatever you do you need to put all of your energy and focus into it, look for the long term not shorter. But guys i didn’t want to make this video to long.

I just wanted to show you what me and my partner did or first two months so thanks guys.

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